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Nestled among majestic trees, beautiful lakes and streams, there's a Community forming where people are following their passions, talents, and co-operating instead of competing. Where everyone works together, pursuing their labor of love for the benefit of the entire Community.
Integrated with the natural landscape, to determine the layout of the community, while preserving its natural beauty, are the Holistic Homes and business that generate their own electricity, potable water, contained sewage treatment and indoor food production, as well as heating and cooling passively while building with natural and recycled materials.

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A 500 acre parcel of land for the benefit & use of all.


A circular Homefire Site (lot) design creates natural corridors of commonly held land which maintains the flow of the forests, while also creating natural pathways for wildlife and residents alike. As an off-of-all-grids-community, the only services that will be hardwired will be telephone and internet which each residence will have access to should they choose it. No other services or utilities will be run into or throughout the community.



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The Holistic Home design provides electricity, potable water, contained sewage treatment and sustainable indoor food production, as well as passive heating and cooling while building with recycled and sustainable materials. Communities applying this building as a foundational element helps to create places of abundance and prosperity beyond our current imagining and becomes a model for other communities.

Homefire (lot) Keepers have the option of having Talking Trees build their home, but they can also build it themselves, hire another builder and everything in-between.

What is required is that each residence incorporate these 6 building principals:

Natural and recycled materials  -  Passive heating and cooling

Electricity generation  -  Water harvesting

Contained sewage treatment  -  Food production



Talking Trees will offer conventional lots in the form of HomeFire Sites. This is not unlike a condo corporation holding lands around each of the units as common or shared lands. Each HomeFire Site is completely under the stewardship of its residents, as is the home and any other structures within the space.

The common lands are accessible to everyone in the Community. These common land will also be used for Community Projects, Rentals, Farms, Gardens, and more.

There are 4 sizes of HomeFire Sites.
1/4 Acre - $20,000
1/2 Acre - $40,000
1    Acre - $80,000
2    Acre - $160,000



Every aspect of the community can eventually function completely under a contribution based system, but there are some great projects to get it started. The Holistic Home rentals and the construction of the community itself will be an incredible income generator to fund future community projects such as tailor, shoemaker, baker, furniture maker, chemist, etc.

The Community becomes its own developer & builder, complete with crews, equipment and material manufacturing, allowing the community to create almost everything they require or desire, in that moment.

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