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For the Community, Of The Community


The Council Of Elders are members of the Community, chosen by the Community, to manage the day to day operations of the Community.

Each of the 13 'Elders' will be chosen by the Community members because of their knowledge, experience, wisdom, and honour.

Until the Community has enough members to choose their 13 Elders, we are seeking those who would consider themselves Elders in any of the 13 areas (inner circles).

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If you believe you are a leader, an Elder, in one of these areas please reach out to us .

In the Business Plan, or on 'The Plan, The Path' page, you can see each of these areas with their budgets and some timelines.


The Community Calendar

Taking Back Our Most Precious Gift, Our Time

Along with our 13 elders, Talking Trees will be using the 13th Month Calendar.

This calendar consists of 13 equal months of 4 weeks, 28 days.

Each year has 1 day of rest, with each leap year having 2 days of rest.

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