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Energetic  Exchange


With EasE

For the creation, printing and management of these notes a budget has been included in Talking Trees “Creating the Community” doc that also includes an EasE building. For the initial exchange of the note we will use $1 Canadian dollar =  2 minutes of EasE, so

 anyone wanting to exchange them can do it with ease. The 1 CAD dollar is based on the value of the dollar as of June 21, 2021. From that date the exchange value will be adjusted for inflation. The initial Canadian funds for those looking to exchange their EasE into CAD will come from the lot purchases. There are 144 residential HomeFire Sites available in the Community with a total value of $11,520,000. We will use 5% ($576,000) of that income to allow an exchange from CAD to EasE for those who wish to do so. This 5% creates 1,152,000 minutes worth of notes that start circulating around the Community for all Talking Trees 


goods and services. The actual backing for EasE comes from each hour of labour or creation by the men and women in the community. These physical, tangible items hold real value, and are honoured and exchanged according to the time it takes to create them.


Energetic Exchange or “EasE” was created as a transitional tool to escape our current fiat money system. EasE does have a value based on the Canadian dollar ($1 dollar = 2 minutes as of June 21, 2021) so it can be easily exchanged back and forth, however EasE itself is not based on dollars. EasE is a time-based currency or exchange system that avoids things like inflation and manipulated fluctuations of its value. While time can feel fast or slow most of us can agree that an hour is an hour. Being time based it removes the current money systems immense injustice of one person being worth more per hour than another, all are equal under EasE. Having said that there is also the option of paying someone an hour for only a half hour of creation or any other agreement two parties may come to. An example of this would be if someone could do a task twice as fast as another, they may agree to pay an hour for only 30 minutes work. Another example would be that someone simply agrees that a certain task is worth more to them than the time it actually took. Having flexibility in this way will help people transition more easily from the current money system where one’s effort can be valued much higher than another’s effort over the same amount of time.



The Tesseract represents the 

4th dimension or the mixing of waters.

Phytoplankton, a single celled creature, base of the food chain, produces the majority of oxygen

on Earth.


Magnetic Vortex or Field is representative of Earth and this plane of existence.

Tree of Life, as above so below.


Golden or Phi Ratio represents 

of our ever-expanding consciousness.

The snail’s shell whose design follows the Golden or Phi ratio.


The Vesica Piscis represents two worlds, two ways of being.

The Fox for it’s cunning and opening of the 3rd eye, meeting place of two worlds, the

“Heavens and Earth”.


The Flower of Life is representative of Earth and all life upon it. 

Represented by the Sunflower, growing from the Earth, tracking the Sun, endless fractal pattern. 


Yin-Yang is representative of balance, masculine and feminine.

Represented by a cougar and eagle for leadership and action from a higher perspective.


Infinity represents the cycles of life, beginning and end, frequency. 

The Phoenix, born from its own ashes, forever in its own cycle of death and rebirth.

"Everything is connected."

Dirk Gently


To create the 7 physical 55mil x 144mil notes for EasE we will be using a recycled plastic, organic hemp blend and printing them at Talking Trees as a community project. One of the biggest benefits of this note is its freedom from all forms of taxes, fees and other controls because these notes are based on time and not a fiat currency. They cannot be taxed whether it’s a sales tax, payroll deduction or other forms of taxes and/or fee applied to payroll. Because of this, these notes will also be worth more where they are accepted because the hold their whole value without deductions. For Talking Trees, the creation of EasE is to facilitate a transition to a moneyless society, where as a collaborative group of passionate individuals we create a truly Holistic Community where all are free to follow their passions and labours of love to create a life of joy and abundance. A foundational belief of “do no harm, cause no loss” integrated with Holistic Homes and businesses that encounter earth’s natural phenomenon to provide all utilities and life support systems makes every aspect of this Holistic Development beyond sustainable. For those seeking change this blueprint for Holistic Community design can be replicated almost anywhere in the world helping create communities of abundance for generations to come.

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Download the full ease document here.


With EasE

Tribal Trade with EasE is a system that will allow other Tribes (communities) to trade/exchange with each other directly, avoiding taxes, fees, inflation, etc.

Any Tribe that uses a time based currency, wether it be EasE or one of their own creation, will be able to trade directly with each other without interference.

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