Whether you want to experience the cozy feel of the Simple Survival Earthship or a 2 bedroom Global Model, a 2 day horse back ride across thousands of acres of beautiful crown land or just lying in your greenhouse hammock watching the snow fall outside.

We have that.

Lodging Rentals

-8 Simple Survival Earthships

-3 Studio Model Earthships

-3 Global Model Earthships

-3 Rooms (main house)

-3 Yurts

-13 Camping Sites

-6 RV Sites

-1 Community Center/Dining/

   Bakery Earthship

-1 900sq’ Studio Earthship Rental

-1 Main Barn Loft

Activities & Courses

-Earthship style Academy

-Permaculture/Forest Gardening


-Slack Lines

-Horseback Riding



-Outdoor Survival

-Hiking/Cross-country Skiing/Snowshoeing/etc

-Guided and Individual Meditations

   (forest and Earthship)

-Cooking & Baking

-Precious Plastics Courses


-Tree houses

-Dance workshops

-Art workshops



-Main House/Office


-TT Radio/Recording Studio

-Store Front

-Main Barn

    -Rental space in loft

    -Food cleaning/prep/storage mid level

    -Stalls on lower level

-Precious Plastics

-Community Centre/Dining/Bakery 

-Farmers Market

-Wood Shop


Its time we lose our minds,
and come back to our senses.

Talking Trees





Simple Survival Earthship (x8)


The Simple Survivals (SS) will have 324 square feet of living space in addition to the 323 square feet of greenhouse which houses the shower and bathroom. The SS will have upgraded systems from the basic SS model including, upgraded power, radiant floor, hot water on demand, wood stove and more including year round food production.


The total cost/investment for the upgraded SS will be $60,000 each.



Nightly Rental: $75

Weekly Rental: $500


Expense (weekly)

Personal: $75

Building & Site Maintenance: $100


ROI (return on investment)

2/3rds of rental income will go towards the initial investment of $60,000 until repaid. As an example, when rented weekly, the $60,000 investment would be completely repaid in less than 4 years.


Once the initial investment of $60,000 has been repaid 1/3rd of the rental income will be paid to the investor until they receive a 33% ROI.

As an example, the ROI would be $20,000 on the $60,000 investment. When rented weekly the ROI would be paid in just over 2 years.


Once the ROI has been paid 2/3rds of the rental income will fund further community projects that will be managed under Talking Trees Council Of Elders and Contributionism. The other 1/3rd of the rental income would go towards the personal and maintenance for the building as well as the Earthship’Inn.

What we accomplish with this one building in under 6 years is an incredible foundation for implementing Contributionism. This 1 Simple Survival generates upwards of $26,000 of income every year to support the creation of further community projects, which in return, will do the same and create an ever-growing wave of abundance.


The Earthship’Inn is one of infinite ways to implement and establish Contributionism here in North Frontenac and lay the foundation for the rest of the world.