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Building Academy


Every aspect of the Northern Climate Earthship Style Academy is in the creation and development phase. This page will be updated to reflect the current stage of the process accordingly.

We look forward to creating and learning with you.

Talking Trees

Who Are We?

Talking Trees is a Holistic Development Company with a focus on the Earthship building and its evolution for our Northern Climate. Contributionism, when applied to a community of Earthships, offers a foundation for a new social and economic structure creating communities of abundance.

To share this new knowledge we are putting together an incredible team of creators, builders, architects, planners, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, masons and artists to help guide and teach you using their own perspective and passions on every aspect of the Earthship and Community. 

Who Are You?

Whether you're passionate about Earthships, Contributionism, permaculture, food forests, sustainable community design or any "green" building and living styles, this is the course for you.

This is an intensive 4 week course and all participants should be prepared to work in a wonderfully intense environment and be completely self reliant physically, financially and mentally. 

Together we'll mold the creators, builders and artists of the future.

Upcoming Academy Sessions

The Northern Climate Earthship Style Academy will begin summer 2019.

2019 Academy Schedule

Session 1: May 1st to 28th

Session 2: July 1st to 28th

Session 3: September 1st to 28th

2020 Academy Schedule

Session 1: April 1st to 28th

Session 2: June 1st to 28th

Session 3: August 1st to 28th

Session 4: October 1st to 28th

The Classroom

The classroom is where we spend our first 3 hours each day. This 3 hours is usually broken into 2 classes of an hour and twenty-five minutes each with a 10 minute break in-between.


Here is a partial list of classes:

-History and Evolution of the Earthship Concept

-Thermal/Solar Heating and Cooling

-Building with Natural and Recycled Materials

-Water Harvesting, Storage and Filtration

-Contained Sewage Treatment 

-How to Read Earthship Construction Drawings

-Earthship Types

-Earthship Finishing Options and Techniques

-Food Production in Earthships

-Introduction to Aquaponics

-Solar and Wind Electric Systems

-Basics of Electricity

-Disaster Relief and Humanitarian Projects

-Project Planning and Staging

-Plans and Permitting Process

-The Owner/Builder Earthship Experience

-Community Design

-Applying Contributionism

Academy Session Curriculum

Each 4 week academy session consists of classes, hands-on building and Earthship/Community tours.

5 days a week will consists of 3 hours of classroom time each morning, 3 hours of hands-on build time each afternoon on a current build and a special presentation or tour on Saturday. Sundays are yours to play, rest, explore or follow  your highest passion to wherever it may lead you.

The class of 33 is divided into 3 groups of 11 for the hands-on building aspect and will usually take place on at least 2 different projects or building styles. Each group will be organized and guided by 1 or 2 team members and will rotate projects day to day for maximum exposure to all different aspects of the build.    


Tuition for the 4 week academy session is $2500 Canadian.

Northern Climate Earthship Style Academy Application Form.  


The Labs give students a chance to go in-depth with technical aspects of the Earthship systems. With guidance from our Plumbing Specialist, students build a Water Organizing Module and learn about all filters, pumps and valves. Students also do hands-on basic electrical wiring for lights and switches. During the Earthship Maintenance Lab students learn all aspects of caring for an Earthship building from servicing the batteries for the solar system to cleaning out the grease and particle unit of the grey water system.


Students participate in guided tours of different Earthships, experimental buildings and community designs. These tours showcase a variety of Earthship types including Northern Climate (NC) Global Model, NC Simple Survival, NC Stepped-Up Global, NC Side-Step and more. Residents of the Earthship may be present to answer questions about their homes including modifications they have made and how they have made their lifestyle fit their building.

The Campus

Talking Trees Northern Climate Earthship Style Academy is located in North Frontenac, Ontario, Canada.

Our main office and classroom are located at the Earthship'Inn just outside the town of Snow Road Station.

Hands-On building will take place at the Earthship'Inn, Talking Trees Community and the Community Prototype.


Optional Housing

Talking Trees has limited dormitory style housing to offer our academy students.

The dorms are housed in our Norther Climate Simple Survivals and sleep 4 people each.

These units will be available on a first come first serve basis and cost $500 for the session.

New units will be added each year until our housing matches the enrolment in the academy.

13 Camping and 6 RV spaces are also available to house academy students for the session.

We can also recommend other accommodations in the area for your academy session.


The Earthship Style Academy is located in North Frontenac which is a very rural area with no public transportation. For this reason we strongly recommend having a vehicle for your academy session as there are multiple building locations spread out over a large area.


If you have any questions or comments regarding the Earthship Style Academy please feel free to contact us.