Fuel/Recharging Center

The Visitor & Residential parking area goes hand in hand with the Fuel Creation Station and Automobile Sharing. This area, located at the entry’s of the Community will allow visitors and residence alike to park their automobiles and choose other modes of transportation while moving through the Community. While their automobile is there it can be refuel with our biodiesel, if it runs on diesel, charged if it is electric via our solar panels and wind energy or toped up if it runs on hydrogen. While those visiting the Community will probably come in their personal automobile those in the Community can access the automobiles in the Automobile Sharing program. Incorporating a small feet of shared automobiles that run off electric, biodiesel, hydrogen and other energy sources will greatly reduces the amount of automobiles needed overall within the Community and the associated costs. With the Material and Chemical lab in conjunction with the Metal Shop new sources of energy can and will be developed in the Community adding to this list.