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Earthship Inspired




-Water Bills

-Hydro Bills

-Heating Bills

-Cooling Bills


-Produce Their Own Power

-Catch Water

-Treat Sewage

-Grow Food

-Heat Passively

-Cool Passively

-Last For Generations


-Thermal Mass

-Natural Convection

-Natural Building Materials

-Repurposed Materials

-The Natural Phenomena Of The Earth

The All New ICF Fibonacci 8

ICF Off-grid Holistic Home

While the modifications of the Double Greenhouse version served to further address food production needs for those looking to build their own off-grid home, the all new ICF Fibonacci 8, single greenhouse, focuses on honing the building for northern climates where these homes are built in community and food production isn't focused onto the home itself.

Within a community setting where gardens, orchards, crops and farming meet most of the food needs, the single greenhouse of the new ICF Fib 8 can serve as a specialty garden, focused more on tropical foods such as pineapples, bananas, etc.

The focus of this ICF version of a Holistic Home is quality, speed, and simplicity of construction, while honing the features of this home to make it one of the best performing off-grid homes in the world.

Greenhouse Cooling Tube

ICF Off-grid Holistic Home

Storage/Optional Garage

ICF Retaining Wall

Large Entry w/Storage Benches, Coat Racks, Hooks, & Drying Racks.

Central Washer & Dryer w/Folding Table + WOM & POM Systems Pantry.

Insulated Cold Room

Walk-through Closets w/Drawers, Hooks, Racks, and Shelves.

Multiple Southern Entries

Completely Bermed & Protected East & West Sides.

10 Degree Roof Pitch Optimizes Winter Sun Intake.

7'x4' Vertical Double Pane Glass w/Operable Vents Above Doors.

This new ICF Holistic Home is not trying to replace tires as the main thermal mass and structure, as I can't think of a better use for them.

What we are doing here is offering another option to those looking to build this type of off-grid, beyond sustainable home.

Using these ICF blocks we can create a 22-1/2" insulated concrete wall to speed up the building process, while vastly reducing the labour and time generally required when building with tires. Here are just a few of the modifications to our new ICF Holistic Homes.

-Roof pitch at 10 degrees to optimize winter sun intake while maintaining comfortable ceiling heights so your heat stays where you want it.

-ICF thermal mass/bearing wall construction to speed up, simplify, and optimize construction.

-Insulated cold room built into every Holistic Home design with optional storage/garage.

-Operable vents located in south vertical wall to avoid break points in roof. Prevents ice damming, leak points, and simplifies roof.

-Central water & power systems, laundry, and aux heating (wood cook stove).


These are just a few of the modifications to the new ICF Holistic Home. May she continue to evolve forever.

A view of the new ICF, single greenhouse, Fib 8, Holistic Home, with the southern exterior glass removed allowing us to look into the greenhouse and entry spaces.

ICF Off-grid Holistic Home


The Global Model may be the most recognized Earthship, but for every climate, theres an Earthship to match. The simple Hut Earthship designed for the tropics, the Windship designed to survive tsunamis and hurricanes, E.V.E. or Earthship Village Ecologies which addresses the cost of housing and of course the Global Model which will be our focus as it is the best Earthship design for our climate to work from.

Talking Trees is located in what is currently referred to as Ontario, Canada, which has more extreme sustained versions of the conditions in Taos. Taos does experience freezing temperatures but there is a large swing from day to night and winter overall isn't as intense. In Ontario the sub zero temperatures of winter can last 4 months with -20c sometimes lasting for weeks. Taos also receives 283 sun days a year on average while we receive 150. To address these variations in climate Talking Trees has made the first round, of what we're sure will be many modifications to come in the continuing evolution of the Earthship.

Screen Shot 2021-02-16 at 1.10.46 PM.png


The Holistic Home design provides electricity, potable water, contained sewage treatment and sustainable indoor food production, as well as passive heating and cooling while building with recycled and sustainable materials. We are evolving these Earthship-Inspired homes to better suit our Northern Climate. 


One of these features is a Double Greenhouse which allows for twice the food production and adds greater temperature stability to the inner greenhouse and living space. The outer greenhouse can sustain plants all year round, even with temperatures of -30c outside, while the inner greenhouse remains very warm and stable, able to grow tropical plants and fruit.

There are infinite options for the designs and layouts of these homes.

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