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Greenhouse Build & Community Land Purchase

Beautiful Day To You.

I have an update to share and I'm looking for some feedback so that we may continue moving forward.

This has also been posted as an announcment but that hasn't seemed to work.


We have finished construction of the 494sq' Holistic Homes Greenhouse and the last 2 videos will be posted on our YouTube channel in the next 2 weeks.

This has been an incredible experience and I cant believe how much was learned and how much fun this project was.

I AM so grateful for this opportunity and I cant wait for the smells of fruits and flowers to fill this space.


I have been speaking with Gordana, the realtor representing the 511 acres currently for sale in North Frontenac and I AM putting an offer together for her.

Before putting this offer forward it would help to know where everyone interested in a Homesite stands. I also feel like it would be beneficial for others here to know as well so we are all on the same page.

I ask that those interested in a Homesite publically post their response to the following questions with this post.

-What size Homesite do you wish to purchase?

-When will you be able to fully purchase your Homesite?

-When do you plan on moving to the Community space?

-When do you plan to build your home?

Things have been moving so slowly, and at the same time, so incredibly fast in 2020 & 2021. I have no doubt that I will see all those ready to walk this path towards the life they desire very soon.

Have an amazing day.

David TKT

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