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I'm a retired US Navy Chaplain, married to a wonderful man, a devotee of reuse/recycling since before we met. He is a handyman. I am disabled, so I spend time on the net. I am working diligently on healing my body, so I can walk and contribute to a community such as this again.

I discovered Geoff Lawton and Permaculture last year. I hate to be late to the party. Devouring anything about food forests and permaculture, and a person given to imagination, I have become obsessed with learning about sustainable living--cohousing, Earthships, cob homes, natural gardens, animals, and all.

Living in California, we have building codes that create obstacles to such communities. I know this because my husband and I rehabbed a Victorian cottage using those codes, but I am hoping to change that by learning from experts and writing to key people about a new world going forward.

I'm thrilled to discover this community. I hope to learn everything I can and support your efforts in the meantime.


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