Talking Trees Family

Meet David,


Talking Trees Creative Visionary & our Master Builder. 

With over 22 years of building experience, David has adapted his knowledge & skills into building Earthships over the last 4 years.


After returning from the Earthship Biotecture Academy in Taos, New Mexico in 2015, David began working on his own design for the Northern Climate Earthship. Soon, his dream of living in an Earthship blossomed into the idea of community, and he has been working on making Talking Trees Communities a physical reality ever since.

It was the birth of David’s first sun 8 years ago that sparked his passion to create this community & ensure a positive life experience for his children.


We are all so grateful for the work he has done, and we are proud to adopt his dream as our own, and to stand beside him as co-creators to make this our reality. 

Meet Cindy,


Cindy is our Project Manager & the longest-standing member of Talking Trees. 


Cindy’s experiences reach across many areas, including building, landscape design and property management, as well as architecture and a deep love for the natural world; and of course, the Earthship design fits perfectly with these interests and beliefs. 


Now that Cindy’s children are grown up, she is focusing on making the world a better place for all. Coming from an Indigenous background, she operates from the “Seven Generations Principle”, meaning that future generations are taken into consideration with every decision made in the present.


With business, managerial and hands-on experience, Cindy is always looking for systems to ensure that connection and creation are running smoothly. 

Meet Krystophe, our Permaculturist & one of the visionaries behind the mandala garden at the community prototype site. He uses permaculture principles  combined with regenerative agriculture to create resilient ecosystems that produce an abundance of food.


Krys draws inspiration from ancient wisdom and bridges this knowledge with modern science to manifest truly revolutionary concepts. He is a multi talented being that is able to anchor a vision into physical reality. Krystophe words always come from the heart and the passion he radiates is palpable. ‘’Let’s do the thing!’’

Krys also manages New Life Tie Dye with his partner Ashlynn.  They use the process of upcycling to give a new life to old or discarded materials into one-of-a-kind tie dyes.  


Keep an eye out for new creations from Krys by following @newlifetiedye on Facebook & Instagram, and check out their online store at

Today we introduce to you Ashlynn, one half of New Life Tie Dye, she teams up with her partner Krystophe. Together, they cultivate and support each other in various ways. 


Ashlynn is considered a waste specialist & one of the visionaries behind the mandala garden at the community prototype site.


She is inspired by nature, harmony, peace and self organizing systems; she emanates these qualities and many more; she describes herself as an alternative thinker, and an intuitive healer.  


Ashlynn’s favourite quote is from the original Lorax by Dr. Suess “Unless someone like us cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better”.


While she has dedicated her life to changing the world with Talking Trees & New Life Tie Dye, she is also dedicated to her newborn son.  As an inspiring and brave woman, Ashlynn has explored pregnancy and birth outside of the system.


To learn more and stay updated on Ashlynn’s creations, follow @newlifetiedye on Facebook & Instagram, and check out their online store at

Meet Mel.


Mel our Social Media Coordinator and the face behind our Instagram & Facebook posts.

With a deep love for writing, Mel has adapted her gift onto social media platforms and thoroughly enjoys capturing the beauty of this community and sharing it with the world. While living full time at our community prototype site with David, Mel has truly discovered her love for living outdoors, playing in the garden and always bring barefoot. As our newest member, Mel has jumped into this way of life head first, and couldn’t imagine living any other way.

Learn more about Mel by checking out her personal Instagram, @mel.four.