A Truly Holistic Community

Lanark, Ontario, Canada

The Most Revolutionary Community Design,

In The World. 

The Vision

Nestled among majestic trees, beautiful lakes and streams a community is forming where people are following their passions, inner talents, and co-operating instead of competing. Where everyone works together, pursuing their labor of love for the benefit of the entire community.

Holistic Homes and business generate their own electricity, potable water, contained sewage treatment and indoor food production as well as heating and cooling passively while building with natural and recycled materials. They also integrate with their surroundings, allowing the natural landscape to determine the layout of the community, while preserving its natural beauty.

Interactive Map

Above is a 3-D model of the Community. 

The 600 acres of land that make up the Community are for the benefit and use of all. This is not unlike a condo where the lands are held in common and only the homes are owned.

Each "lot" or "home site" refers to the area of the home itself that is owned and a circular area around the home that is under the stewardship of the home owners.

This circular design creates natural corridors of commonly held land between homesites. These corridors maintain the flow of the forests natural ecosystem while also creating natural pathways for wildlife and residents alike. 

As an off grid community, the only services that will be hardwired will be telephone and internet which each residence will have access to should they choose it. No other services or utilities will be run into or throughout the community.

Purchase/Reserve Your Homesite Today!!!

1/2 Acre $22,000 - 1 acre $44,000 - 2 acre $88,000

55 AVAILABLE (3 SOLD)        -       34 AVAILABLE (1 SOLD)        -         34 AVAILABLE (1 SOLD)

See Document Below For More Information.

Homesite Purchase

Homesite owners have the option of having Talking Trees build their home but they can also build it themselves, hire another builder and everything in-between.


What is required is that each residence incorporate these 6 building principals.

The six principals are:

- Natural and recycled materials

- Passive heating and cooling

- Electricity generation

- Water harvesting

- Contained sewage treatment

- Food production

Those interested in reserving a Homesite, either by deposit or full payment

please see the "Simple Agreement" in the Word Document.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Contributing In The Community


No one living in the community is required to contribute themselves, nor do you have to be living there to participate, but anyone who chooses to will reap the benefits it has to offer. The 1st phase of the community will focus on our most fundamental needs when creating community projects. These most basic needs are food, water, electricity, sewage management and affordable housing. The Holistic Homes in conjunction with forest gardening, crops, orchards and greenhouses will meet most of the needs in the community. 

Community Activities

- Construction Course/school          -Community Building courses

- Forest gardening courses/school

- Cooking courses/school

- Art courses/school

- Horseback riding

- Monthly farmers market

   trade show

- Greenhouse

- Orchard 

- Apiary

- Wilderness tours/hiking

- Yoga/Wellness

Community Projects

Every aspect of the community can eventually function completely under the contribution based system, but there are some great projects to get it started.


For TTC the Holistic Home rentals and the construction of the community itself will be an incredible income generator to fund future community projects such as tailor, shoemaker, baker, furniture maker, chemist, etc.

Community Projects & Infrastructure

The Community becomes its own developer complete with crews, equipment and material manufacturing, allowing the community to create almost everything they require or desire, in that moment.  


All tools and equipment will be resources of TT managed by the Council Of Elders and can be used by all participating residence in the community with the exception of the heavy equipment. The heavy equipment will still be available to the residence of the community but will be operated by an experienced operator. Training will be provided for anyone on any piece of equipment should they desire it.

3 km of gravel roads                          

2 km of walking/riding trails

Community square

Community Center/dining hall

Visitor & residential parking area

Farmers market/store


Barn with stables

Construction equip/repair facility

3 Years Of Creation

21 Holistic Homes

5 Holistic Home Rentals

8 Community Projects + Areas

3 Community Projects + Areas Funded By Community Projects

Community Gardens

Community Orchards

And So-So-sooooo Much More...

Wood shop

Metal shop

Holistic Homes rental spaces

2 additional community buildings

2 Holistic Home rentals

2 Simple Survival rentals

Academy housing/rentals

Support facilities


Come and play.